, the leading supplier of high-quality lasers, presents the 50mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer with Adjustable Focus Flashlight. This powerful laser features a sleek straight cylinder design with floral pattern anti-slip lines, providing a comfortable and stylish grip. The aviation aluminum material with plating surface ensures durability and a smooth, polished finish.

The key feature of this laser is its 50mW output power and 532nm wavelength, producing a vibrant green beam. The adjustable focusing lens allows for precise adjustment of the beam’s size and divergence, making it suitable for various applications. Its 18650 rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting use, while the DC3V working voltage provides the necessary power. The laser’s temperature range of 0~+35Celsius degree ensures reliable operation in different environments.

The 50mW Green Laser Pointer is an ideal tool for astronomy, presentations, wildlife observation, and more. Its adjustable focus, continuous output, and long-range capabilities make it a versatile choice. Check out our full range of 50mW green lasers at and discover the power of precision lasers from

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