This powerful laser pointer features a 200mw green laser that can burn matches and pop balloons. Its aviation aluminum alloy construction makes it durable and stylish. External focus allows for adjustable beam thickness. The 18650 battery provides long-lasting power, while the On/Off switch ensures easy operation. Imported laser diode and accessories provide an 8000-hour service life. The built-in laser module enhances heat radiation and circuit protection. laser pointers are ideal for astronomers, hikers, and anyone looking for a versatile and powerful laser.

Material: Hardened Aluminum
Surface Treatment: Anodic Oxidation
On/Off Mode: Light Touch Switch
Power Supply: 186501
Wavelength (nm): 532nm
Preheat Time: ≤3 seconds
Working Voltage: DC3.7V
Output Power (mW): 200mW

1 Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch
2 Batteries
1 Recharger

Remember to use all laser pointers safely and legally. offers a wide selection of and blue , along with other laser products.

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