Built-in rechargeable batteries
USB charging output
Durable aluminum alloy shell
Bright and visible laser beam
5 laser caps (dot pattern, starry, and multi patterns)
Green and red laser colors optional
100mW and output power optional
5 shape colors optional (black, silver, golden, red, blue)
Tail touch switch for convenient operation
30-day return policy, 12-month warranty

Package Includes:
1 x Red Laser Pointer
1 x USB Cable
5 x Laser Head Caps
1 x User Manual
1 x Package Box

Class: 3
Output Power: 200mW
Laser Color: Red
Wavelength: 650nm
Modes: Continuous Wave
Size: 21mm x 135mm
Weight: 200g
Material: Aviation Aluminum
Switch: Push Button Constant On/Off
Laser Range: 1,000m +
Power Supply: Built-in Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Lifetime: 30-120mins
Expected Lifetime: 5,000 Hours
Warranty: 12 Months
Working Temperature: 14°F ~ 86°F
Storage Temperature: 14°F ~ 104°F

1. Do not point the laser pointer at faces or eyes.
2. Do not point the laser pointer at aircraft.
3. Do not point the laser pointer at vehicles.
4. Do not hold the laser pointer on the skin.
5. Do not point the laser pointer at animals for any reason.
6. When not in use, please take out the battery and put the laser pointer in a place where the child is not easy to get.
7. Charge the battery for 1-2 hours, please do not charge for a long time to avoid damage to the battery.

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